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About Us

Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Manipur is one of the most important Department which deals directly with the citizen of Manipur. This department has been established to implement social welfare programmes and services for the upliftment of disadvantaged segments of the population specially Women, Children, disabled persons, old aged and infirmed etc. So, the Welfare Services intended to provide needed care and protection for weaker sections of the community.

Organization Set-up

The department is headed by one Commissioner at secretariat level. At Directorate level it is headed by one Director and his office is located at A.T. Line(2nd MR Gate),Imphal and other offices are located at districts and Blocks etc. To implement the welfare schemes and to carry out the activities for rendering services to the citizen, following divisions and offices have been established under overall control and supervision of the Director, Department of Social Welfare, Govt. of Manipur.

Name of Division / Office Numbers Office Location
Administrative Division 1 Directorate Office
Child Welfare 1 Directorate Office
Women Development Division 1 Directorate Office
Social Defence Division 1 Directorate Office
ICDS Division 1 Directorate Office
Disabled Welfare Division 1 Directorate Office
District Social Welfare Offices 9 District Headquarter
District ICDS Cells 6 District Headquarter
Block Level ICDS Project Centers 34 Block Headquarter
Anganwadi Centers 4501 Wards/Villages

Objectives of the Department

Care, protection, welfare, development and rehabilitation of children, women, disabled persons, aged and infirm, delinquent and neglected juveniles, destitute and orphan children, ex-convicts, ex-criminals and persons released on probation


  • The Department implements the following Schemes/Programmes :
    • Welfare of the Women
    • Child Welfare
    • Welfare of the Disabled
    • Training
    • Welfare of the Aged and Infirm
    • Correctional Services
    • Special Nutrition Programme
    • Integrated Child Development Services
    • Schemes for grant-in-aid Non Government Organizations under various ...
    • National Social Assistance Programme
    • Balika Samridhi Yojna