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Manipur State Social Welfare Advisory Board

The Manipur State Social Welfare Advisory Board, Imphal was constituted on 6th Sep, 1954. The Manipur State Social Welfare Advisory Board has been implementing the programmes for the welfare of women and children through Registered Voluntary Organisations. The present Board was reconstituted with Smt. S.Satyabhama Devi as Chair person of the Board for a period of 3 years as usual with staff nominated from Central Social Welfare Boad, New Delhi and Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Manipur.

So, Social welfare Advisory Board plays a vital role as agency of the Central Social Welfare Board. Some registered Voluntary Organisation particularly for women also liaison with the Central Board/State Board to implement various welfare Programme for Women & children.

Staff Strength

The present staff strength of the State Board is 25 from different Grades including those 4(four) nominated by Central Welfare Board. Staff of 3(three) Border Area Welfare Extension Projects (Chandel, Singhat & Ukhrul) about 72 is also attached with this Board. For the Voluntary Action Bureau (VAB) Cell, the Councellor and clerk-cum-typist also attached to State Board.

Funding Pattern

The Department of Social welfare is extending 50% State's matching share for maintenance of the State Board to meet the staff salaries of the state Board under Non-plan Budget and rest 50% has to bear by the Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi. In addition, the Department plan Budget to meet the staff salaries of 3 boarder Areas Welfare Extension Projects (Singhat, Chandel & Ukhrul) and the rest 2/3rd share has to bear by the Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi.

Welfare Scheme

The State Social Welfare Advisory Board has taken up the following Schemes/Programmes since the last few years as continuing schemes with the financial assistance of the Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi.

Creche Programme

For Providing Day care Service to the children in the age group of 6-5 years of the working & ailing mother being left married / unhealthy and un hygienic condition, 219 creche units are running by 217 Registered Voluntary Organisation with the financial assistance @ Rs.18,490/- per centre and 2 ayah are detailed for 25 children in each unit as reported.

Awareness Generation Project

35 Awareness Generation Camps have been organised by 33 registered Voluntary Organisation. Each camp is scheduled for 5 days and attended by 25-30 women. The camps are organised with the financial assistance of Rs.10,000/- per camp from the Central Welfare Board, New Delhi. Such awareness camps are conducted to promote women active participation programme. By attending these programmes, women can strengthen themselves in participation of decision making of family and society to deal with social issues like alcoholism and atrocities on women and children.

Condensed Course of Education for Adult Women

The scheme is implemented through the registered Voluntary Organisation in 3(three) level course viz Primary, Middle and one year level courses specially for socially handicapped Women in the age group of 18-35 years for preparing Secondary education certificate examination within a period of 1 year thereby enable them to qualify themselves and become eligible for remunerative works of opportunities and employment.

16 institutions (12-Primary Level, 2 Middle Level, 2 Matric level) were sanctioned by the central Social Welfare Board during 2000-02 @ Rs. 94,500/- for Primary & Middle Level and Rs.1,31,100/ for Matric level as reported.

Vocational Training Programme

The training Programme was conducted with the financial Assistance of Central Social Welfare Board through the Registered Voluntary Organisation for a period of 6-12 month with 25-50 Women capacity in the age group of 18-30 years for self employment in different trades like Weaving, Tailoring, Embroidery, Computer etc. 76 institution were given grant during 2001-02 for different trades like Weaving - 13, Tailoring - 9, Embroidery - 48, Computer - 2, Handicraft - 2, Jewellery - 1 & Cane & Bamboo - 1 but no positive action has so been received as reported.

Socio Economic Programme

The Scheme is an economic rehabilitation of physically handicapped women specially for widow, destitute and deserted women for taking up economic upliftment programme / units though Production Unit i,e Small Industries Handloom / Handicraft, Arcillary, training-cum-Production on Agro-based unit (Diary, Piggery, Goat, rearing etc). No fund has so far been released by the Central Board since 1997-98 as reported.

Working Women Hostel

6(six) Voluntary organisation with the financial assistance of the Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi are running working women Hostel in order to provide safe accommodation of law paid working women.