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Manipur State Bal Bhavan

The State Bal Bhavan, Imphal which is a recreational-cum-educational center has been in existence since 1989, and is affiliated under the National Bal Bhavan Society India, New Delhi. It has been running at Khuman Lampak since the day it was inaugurated by the then Governor, Shri Chintamani Panigrahi on 12th Nov. 1989. Manipur State Bal Bhavan is the only of its kind existing in the entire North Eastern States.

The State Bal Bhavan has been contributing towards enhancing creativity amongst the children in the age group of 6–16 yrs. Especially from the weaker sections of the society. Over the years, it has focused on providing opportunities for creative co-curricular activities ranging from creative / performing arts like music, dance, creative arts like painting, clay modeling, crafts and science related activities including computer classes. There is also a doll museum and a library. Besides these, a number of a ctivities are taken up throughout the year like the summer and winter camps. Various programmes are organized now and then like the National Integration Camp, Young environmentalist camp etc. where children are deputed to different states for participation.

Children from our State Bal Bhavan have also achieved a number of National levels awards like the National Bal Hero Award for which Awards are given to children excelling in the field of creative arts, creative science, creative writing and performing arts. Till now 8 children from this Bal Bhavan have received this Award.

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