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Welfare for Disabled persons

Social Welfare Department implement many schemes for disabled persons to assist them to secure education , academic, technical or professional training on the shop/floor of the industrial establishment as would enable them to earn a living and to become useful members of the society.

Under this scheme, 2(two) Specials Schools one for Visual Impaired and one for Hearing Impaired with hostel facilities are running at the Government level. Besides these two Govt. schools, 4 NGOS have established another 5(five) Special Schools ( 4 for Mentally Retarded and one for Hearing Impaired).

Diet allowances @ Rs. 500/- p.m. are provided to every hostellers of the two Govt. schools. Scholarship ranging from Rs. 40/- to Rs. 120/- p.m. is awarded to the disabled students . for Blind students. Blind students are also provided Reader allowance and Brailed Text Books at free of cost. Mentally Retarded students are given maintenance allowance @ Rs.300/- per annum.

Employment opportunity

  • The Social Welfare Department in co-ordination with local N.G.Os. and services of Anganwadi Workers conducted a survey in the year 1995 and identified 24690 disabled persons in the State. For these disable persons, special employment exchange window is open at the employment exchange, Langol, Imphal for job application. The Scheme is continuing since 1982 even before the Act came into force. 3% of jobs in the direct recruitment of Class - III and IV posts is reserved for P.W.Ds. in the following rosters :
    1. 1% for Visual Impaired in the 34th roster
    2. 1% for Hearing Impaired in the 67th roster.
    3. 1% for Locomotors Disability in the 100th roster
    • Upper age limit for applying Government jobs is relaxed by 10th years for PWDs of all categories.
    • Departments like PWDs, Town Planning, HUDCO, PDA etc. have been requested to provide non discrimination facilities on the roads, transport, in built environments etc.

Rehabilitation Centre

A Centrally Sponsored scheme known as Gramee Purnavas Yojna, a Composite Fitment and Rehabilitation Centre (CFRC) has been established at J.N Hospital, Porompat, Imphal. Medical Superintendent is the Nodal Officer for this Centre. The centre has distributed wheel chairs/tri-cycles to the disabled persons registered in this centre. The International Day for disabled is observed on 3rd December every year. While observing this day the disable persons sponsored by NGOs /Govt. Schools participate in cultural shows, games and sports etc. Students participated in these activities are awarded cash prizes also.