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Manipur Old Age Pension Rules

Department of Social Welfare, Govt. of Manipur is proving financial assistance to the old aged & infirmed persons / destitute as pensions. In exercise of the this scheme, Govt. of Manipur has published Rules and regulation. Some of them are provided here for reference.

Eligibility Requirements

Old aged persons, destitute, widows who don't have any income or sources of income, either of his own or anyone else who is legally liable to support him or her. If both husband and wife are destitute, each one of them shall be eligible for pension. Widows who don't have any source of income including income from property owned by her or who has an earning brother are eligible for the pension.


The age of the person must be of sixty or above in case of men and fifty-five or above in the case of women


Destitute old aged persons applying for pension should be resident of Manipur for a period exceeding ten years at the time of making the application and shall be citizen of India.

Amount of pension

The amount of pension is Rs.60 (Rupees Sixty) per month per head.

Making of application
  • Application shall be submitted in form MOAP-I by intending applicant to the DCs/SDO of the districts or Dub division in which the applicant reside and the applications will be forwarded to the Director Social Welfare , Govt. of Manipur. Each applicant shall be accompanied by the following documents
    1. Medical Certificate - A certificate from a Medical Officer as a proof of age for the destitute person
    2. Photograph - Two recent photograph with signature of the applicant duly attested by a Gazetted Officer.
    3. Income Certificate - A certificate showing the annual income in prescribed format from DC/SDO/SDC or an employer in case of an employed Applicant / Husband / Wife / Son(s) / Daughter(s) / Grandson(s) / Granddaughter(s)

For more information
contact the Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Manipur