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Social welfare Department, Govt. of Manipur has been implementing the Scheme for Juvenile Justice which is financed by the Govt. of India and State Government on 50:50 sharing basis. With the enforcement of Juvenile Justice Act, 1986, in the state, Department has established one Observation Home, One Juvenile Home and One Special Home at Takyel, Imphal. The observation Home and the Special Home have been engaging in handling the Juvenile delinquents sent by the Juvenile Court Magistrates every now and then. During 2001-2002, 2(two) boys delinquent Juveniles have been kept at Home under orders of Juvenile Court. The department also has delivered 15 young girls from the observation Home, Ben galore and they were delivered to their respective guardians/parents.

The Act has been re-enacted incorporating all the standards prescribed in the convention on the Rights of child adopted by the United Nations. As a follow up action, Manipur Juvenile Justice (care & protection of children) Rules, 2001 to carry out the purposes of the Act in Manipur is made.

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