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Manipur State Women Development Corporation

This cooperation was established in 1995 as a pioneering Institute in the Women's Development Sector of the State, specially for mobilisation and Development of human resources, stretching across eco-social and cultural fields. For implementing the schemes / project financial assistance are provided by Central Govt.

Under Women Development Corporation Ltd, training was imparted to women including School drop-outs in the different traditional and non-traditional trades such as Handloom weaving, Type writing & short hands, Readymade Garments, Mosquito Net weaving, Leather, Beauty culture and Computer etc, in all collaboration with NGOs.

Under a special scheme of weaving, 500 women were given training on weaving and loan was given to those 500 women after training for buying weaving yarn. Those women are from below poverty line and loan facilities was given as below :

Sl. No. Name of weaving yarn No. of Beneficiaries Amount of loan (Rs.)
1 Polyester 50 13,000
2 Wollen 175 17,254
3 Cotton 125 13,600
4 Silk 150 14,450

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contact the Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Manipur