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Rules to regulate for Disabled persons

This scheme will be applicable to all categories of the disabled person viz, the blind, the deaf and the orthopaedically, mentally retarded, leprosy cured and others. Under this scheme Scholarships are awarded to disable persons for education such as academic/technical/professional/vocational training and following is the rules to fulfill while applying for the scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements


A disabled person applying for scholarship under this scheme shall be a Manipuri by birth or a person who has settled in the state for at least ten years Shall be citizen of India and resident of Manipur at least for the last six years.

Educational Qualification

Scholarship to disabled awarded from 1st standard onwards. The candidate should have secured at least 40% mark at the previous annual examination. The requirement for other courses are as follows :

Music Course

A disabled person should have passed Madhyama or its equivalent examination at least in second division from a college affiliated to a university or to an institution of All India Character approved by the Central Government.

Vocational Course

A disabled person should be undertaking a vocational training course in any vocational training centre/Workshop/ITI or any other centre run by the Centre/State Government/Local body or any voluntary organisation or institution recognised by Central/State Govt. This will also include apprenticeship or training in as recognised institution or in industries lack on academic qualification need not be a bar to Vocational training.

  1. No Scholarship will be admissible if the combined monthly income of the parents / guardian of the candidate is more that Rs.2,000/- (Rupees two thousands). An income certificate has to be submitted.
  2. Scholarship is not admissible to a candidate who earns an income of exceeding Rs.150/-pm.
  3. A candidate shall not be in receipt of assistance from any other voluntary or State course either in cash or by way of free board or lodging. No disable persons of all categories enjoying free board or lodging shall be allowed scholarship under this scheme.
Schorlarship will be awarded to
  1. for pursuing a parallel course of study e.g scholarship will not be awarded to an MA in economics to pursue study in MA Political Science.
  2. for study outside India
  3. for pursuing academic / technical course if candidate has already compelled a conventional course / training
  4. for undertaking any training course for the second time
Socio Economic Programme

The Scheme is an economic rehabilitation of physically handicapped women specially for widow, destitute and deserted women for taking up economic upliftment programme / units though Production Unit i,e Small Industries Handloom / Handicraft, Arcillary, training-cum-Production on Agro-based unit (Diary, Piggery, Goat, rearing etc). No fund has so far been released by the Central Board since 1997-98 as reported.

Rates of Schorlarship

Scholarship will be provided to those who secured 40% marks or above and the rate of scholarship for different course of study are detailed below :

Sl. No. Type of Course Rate p.m for day scholars in (Rs.) Rate p.m for hostellers Readers allowance for blind only p.m for six months
1 Class I to II 40/- 60/- -
2 Class III to V 40/- 80/- 30 for six months
3 Class IX,X,Pre-University Course and IA, ISc, Ist Year BA/BSc etc 60/- 100/- 50/-
4 BA/BSc/B.Com etc. (end & 3rd year course) 90/- 130/- 75/-
5 BE/BTech/MBBS/LLB/BEd. Diploma in professional and Engineering 120/- 170/- 100/-
6 MA/MSc/MCom/LLB/MEd. etc. 120/- 170/- 100/-
Rates of Schorlarship
  • Scholarship will be provided to those who secured 40% marks or above and the rate of scholarship for different course of study are detailed below :
    1. 1st to 2nd standard
    2. 3rd to 5th standard
    3. 6th to 7th
    4. from 9th to Pre-degree course
    5. First degree course
    6. Vocational/technical course (Certificate/Diploma/Post Diploma)
    7. Music course
Mode of Applying

Application should be submitted in prescribed form through the head of the Institution / establishment / Voluntary Organisation where the candidate is admitted as a student/trainee. Each applicant shall be accompanied by the following documents :

Medical Certificate

A certificate from Registered Eye Specialist/E.N.T Specialist/Orthopardic Surgeon in the prescribed form that the candidate is blind/deaf/orthopaedically handicapped.


A recent photograph in case of orthopaediaclly candidate showing the deformity


An audiogram chart in respect of deaf candidate

Income Certificate

A certificate from a revenue not below the rank of SDC or any other Officer of equivalent status or an affidavit attested by a first class Magistrate or a certificate from a Gazetted Officer of the Central or State Government indicating clearly the monthly income of both the parents or guardian of the candidate in the prescribed form

Statement of Marks

Statement of marks indicating the maximum marks and those obtained at the previous annual examination passed indicating percentage of marks, duly attested by a gazetted Officer of the Central/State Government / Head of the Institution concerned.

Certificate of Age

A Birth Certificate issued by Municipality/Sub-Divisional Office or an affidavit shown before a First Class Magistrate by the applicant or a certificate from the Head of the Institution where the applicant studied.

For more information
contact the Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Manipur